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6/19/2020 azure azure devops microsoft

5 Super Useful Azure DevOps Extensions

While Azure DevOps is rapidly growing, with the dev team deploying new features every three weeks, there are still instances where users need functionality that simply don't currently exist. However, thanks in part to Microsoft's recent embrace of open source principals there is a large marketplace of community driven extensions available and since every extension added to the DevOps marketplace is reviewed before being added; you can use them with peace of mind. Below are five of the extensions I've found most useful in no particular order.
3/2/2020 diversity inclusion

The Business Case For Diversity

More than ever having diversity of thought as well as diversity of experience in your workforce is completely necessary to compete in not just tech but any industry.
3/19/2019 devops git feature branch microsoft azure

Three most popular Git workflows

The basic workflow in a GIT environment is that programmers should code and send their code to a central repository. The problem arises when different programmers are working on different functionalities, and their deadlines are varied. It is not a must that the functionalities will take the same time intervals.
3/15/2019 web design web dev net magainze

4 ways to make your site work for a global audience

As businesses continue to become more global in nature, many companies are finding their websites don't meet the needs of their widened audience-base. You may find your web chops are put to the test when designing a website intended for a global audience, as it presents a whole variety of new things to take into account..